The Bucket List.

I may only be a 20 year old student, but I understand the feeling of living life with an moderate sense of complacency. Hence why I have created a ‘Bucket List‘ in order to keep me on my toes and accomplishing my goals.

So here goes:

1. Read a book that is not on my University Literature Reading list.

2. Experience a protest. Preferably one supporting Animal Rights.

3. Visit every continent in the world.

4. Watch The Notebook without crying.

5. See the 7 wonder of the world.

6. Skydive over somewhere beautiful in New Zealand.


8. Have a (decent) spray tan.

9. Graduate with a 2:1 or above.

10. Buy a Big Issue magazine.

11. Learn how to and then cook an amazing 3 course meal.

12. Volunteer as an English teacher in Africa/Asia.

13. Go to Spin Class!

14. Jump off something on a snowboard.

15. Go Scuba-Diving.

16. Become a successful journalist.

17. Write for Glamour magazine.

18. Perfect my Welsh accent.

19. Become competent in French or Spanish.

20. Learn to play the Guitar.

21. Go paragliding.

22. Read and fully appreciate the works of Virginia Woolf.

23. Feel more confident in public speaking/Feel more confident speaking like I’m half intelligent.

24. Live in New York/London/Somewhere beachy and lovely.

25. Have a happy and healthy family.



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