Hi, I’m Tess and I’m a blogger.

So let us get to know each other.
I’ll go first…

I am on the left in the picture beneath. I like dancing to the early hours of the morning. I like coming home from dancing and realising I have lost my voice. I like having the sorts of debates with friends that get you all irate and worked up. I would LOVE to work in the media, preferably journalism. I need a career in which I can interact with a large variety of people. I like hats, but I do not wear them often. I prefer Tesco’s to Morrison’s and Asda to Tesco’s. I wear contact lenses, I am left-handed and more importantly I am a vegetarian. I do not try to convert people, although I may make ‘meat eater’ jokes sometimes. I love people, I love talking and I love making friends.

In this blog I hope to discuss issues which as a 20-year-old woman are relevant to myself and my peers, but would also like to touch upon a wider range of issues which are culturally and socially significant, which I will try to do justice. I love fashion, so I will attempt to dissect the world of style and may also sneak in a few creative writing projects I have worked on. All in the hope that Alan Rusbridger or Jo Elvin will accidentally stumble across this blog and immediately offer me a reporters position (I can dream).

Feel free to follow me on twitter at @TessaDeaks :).

…So how are you?