Hi, I’m Tess and I’m a blogger.

So let us get to know each other.
I’ll go first…

I am on the left in the picture beneath. I like dancing to the early hours of the morning. I like coming home from dancing and realising I have lost my voice. I like having the sorts of debates with friends that get you all irate and worked up. I would LOVE to work in the media, preferably journalism. I need a career in which I can interact with a large variety of people. I like hats, but I do not wear them often. I prefer Tesco’s to Morrison’s and Asda to Tesco’s. I wear contact lenses, I am left-handed and more importantly I am a vegetarian. I do not try to convert people, although I may make ‘meat eater’ jokes sometimes. I love people, I love talking and I love making friends.

In this blog I hope to discuss issues which as a 20-year-old woman are relevant to myself and my peers, but would also like to touch upon a wider range of issues which are culturally and socially significant, which I will try to do justice. I love fashion, so I will attempt to dissect the world of style and may also sneak in a few creative writing projects I have worked on. All in the hope that Alan Rusbridger or Jo Elvin will accidentally stumble across this blog and immediately offer me a reporters position (I can dream).

Feel free to follow me on twitter at @TessaDeaks :).

…So how are you?


2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Tess and I’m a blogger.

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. You are a great writer and I wish you luck on your journalism career. We have some things in common: I am also left handed, I too like fashion, and I had a grandparent with Alzheimers. I think what you are doing to honor your grandmother and keep the memory of her youth alive is beautiful. Well done!

  2. Hello Tess..! Great starting and good going..! Dont worry, even if Alan Rusbridger or Jo Elvin doesnt stumble upon this blog,someone else of similar rank will..;) Cheers..!

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